Ideas that drove our research

  • The attitude a person has about their work impacts the quality of work they perform.
  • The more a person’s personality aligns with the work they are required to do, the more positive and productive they are at work.

 These two truths led to the discovery of  the concept we call Workittude?.®  Workittude? describes the impact attitude has upon work, and the impact work has upon attitude. The Workittude? Survey identifies an individual’s Workittude State and their Workittude? Score. Workittude? also measures the Workittude? Index of each work group and overall organization.

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What is

  • is a real-time, snapshot (assessment) of how you are Feeling about the Work you do. Over time how you feel can impact how you perform.
  • This 3-minute survey, uncovers how much of your unique sense of purpose you are presently experiencing in your job, career or Calling.
  • Your    Score tells you on a scale of 1 to 10 what you feel like you are Getting from your work.  In other words, how are you being nourished by your work.


  • Your   State (Activated, Partially Activated, De-activated) reveals how you feel about what you are Giving to your Work.
  • Your report also reveals how each of six dimensions (Brand, Passion, Experience, Knowledge, Skill and Talent) are being activated or deactivated by the tasks you are required to do.

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Your Introduction to the Workittude Process


  1. The level of Nourishment you are Getting from your work
  2. Whether you are Giving from an Activated, Partially Activated, De‐ activated State at Work
  3. The degree of meaning (Sense of Purpose) you are Gleaning
    (experiencing) at work