Our Research

Each day we are likely to be drained or energized by different tasks we must perform in our roles at work. Those tasks that energize us, we do more readily and at a level of excellence. Those that drain us, we are less likely to do with gusto or at excellence.

Our research identifies three categories of tasks:
• those that are mundane to us,
• others that are doable by us
• and those that are nourishing to us.

Mundane tasks drain us. They are often monotonous and boring to us. If we could, we would gladly have someone else do them for us. However, many times these tasks are critical activities which must be performed in our roles.
Doable tasks are mildly interesting to us. We may even be good at them, but they are not fulfilling to us. They could at times be those things we think we may be good at or may be able to become interested or excited about doing.
Nourishing tasks are exhilarating to us. We pursue and do them at excellence. We are energized by these tasks. And, we get better at doing them the more we do them. We make our unique contribution to the organization thru these tasks.