KTA Solutions, delivers easy tools to provide strategies and insight resulting in a measurable increase in engagement, performance and productivity. The data collected through discovery, the step by step process introduced by the structured design, the confidence-building delivery of an instantly usable tool, and the positive momentum created by the easy mastery of the tool by managers and employees, confirmed by our quick departure, our client organizations consistently see an exponential increase in leadership impact, manager effectiveness, and employee engagement and productivity within six months.


Hiring Success

Many organizations use interviews, scenarios and behavior-based tools when trying to decide which candidate is the best fit for a role. They do this to attempt to measure the potential an individual has to perform in a role. The idMatch selection tools are unique, in that, instead of a list of pre-­determined labels or contrived stories, idMatch helps individuals articulate what it is they do best. As a result, the idMatch tool is highly predictive of the roles individuals are best suited to do. The idMatch tool, at the same time identifies, based upon their personality, how an individual is likely to perform within a given culture and alongside others already on a team. On an average, based upon our database, 36% of people on a team at a given time, are performing at peak level in the tasks assigned to them. The idMatch personality assessment tools help individuals and teams increase the time spent at peak performance.


Personality Management

KTA Solutions uses a unique systematic approach to people development, in that it goes beyond providing mere management principles to focus instead upon unleashing the power of the person’s unique personality. The idDiscover tool is a strengths­ based tool designed to increase a manager’s ability for optimizing personality. Through the lens of six dimensions, the manager discovers and first learns how to leverage their own Intentional Difference. Intentional Difference is made up of these six dimensions: your Critical Outcome; Driving Passion; Assimilated Experience; Cumulative Knowledge; Emergent Skill and Prevailing Talent. Our research reveals that people who learn how to use these six dimensions of their personality, execute assignments at a higher rate, build more productive teams and have greater positive influence with others. Through the idDisover tool managers understand their own personality more fully and how to use it to empower their teams to achieve greater organizational outcomes. Most importantly, with the idDiscover tool, managers are equipped by their own increased self-awareness, to identify and put to use the strengths of an employees’ personality to increase productivity.


Employee Engagement

Successful people put to positive and productive use that which is different about them. They are effective when they are “Intentional” with their “Difference.” Generally, people have the innate ability to solve their most difficult challenges. Organizations often already have the people needed to get things done. However, research shows that the quality of the outcomes produced is entirely driven by the engagement of a team. Our idDartboard engagement tool informs, inspires and empowers managers and employees alike to achieve optimal outcomes.  This tool is designed to uncover the often overlooked and complex dynamics which hinder individual and team performance. In less than five minutes, the discoveries gleaned from the idDartboard Survey has proven to be a statistically accurate and effective means of identifying and unleashing, unrecognized, unknown and under-utilized individual and team potential.


Leadership Impact

Do you have influence? In your relationships, are you aware of how influence is at work? How do you exert influence? How do others influence you? These are very important questions for the visionary leader, for they are about presence—your presence in the eyes of your employees. Our presence matters to those with whom we are in relationship. They care that we are around. More than that, according to the impact them, they want us in their life and career—they want our participation, our influence. Influence is the subtle and tactful tool of the leader. It provides the leader with passive authority and undeserved empathy. Employees will follow the leader who has positively influenced them. They will identify willingly with his/her failure and success. And, the success of an organization rises or falls based upon how employees feel about giving of their discretionary effort freely, or not so freely, based upon their relationship with their leader or manager.  The Leadership Experience tool equips supervisors and above with the insight to know how their personal leadership is impacting performance.


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