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Do you have influence? In your relationships, are you aware of how influence is at work? How do you exert influence? How do others influence you? These are very important questions for the visionary leader, for they are about presence—your presence in the eyes of your employees. Our presence matters to those with whom we are in relationship. They care that we are around. More than that, according to the impact  we have upon them, they want us in their life and career—they want our participation and our influence. Influence is the subtle and tactful tool of the leader. It provides the leader with passive authority and unmerited empathy. Employees will follow the leader who has positively influenced them. They will identify willingly and constructively with his/her failure and success. And, the success of the leader rises or falls based upon how employees experience their leadership. And how employees feel impacts the degree of discretionary effort they give or withhold.  The Leadership Experience tool equips supervisors, managers and executives with insight into how assess, develop and optimize their influence with others.

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