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Generally, people have the innate ability to solve their most difficult challenges. And, organizations often already have the people needed to get things done. However, research shows that the quality of outcomes produced is almost entirely driven by how people feel–about their work, manager and colleagues. The Workittude? Snapshot (a 3-minute online survey) measures how employees feel at work. And, how employees feel and how it is impacting their experience at work, is detailed in the Workittude? Snapshot Results and Summary report.

What engagement assessments overlook, the Snapshot optimizes.  This  tool uncovers the often overlooked power and influence personality and purpose have upon the individual’s task-ownership and productivity. The Workittude? Snapshot places responsibility  and opportunity for engagement, first, upon the individual employee, and second upon the manager. In three minutes, the Workiittude? Snapshot,  built upon the idea that personality, performance and purpose are inexorably linked,  provides statistically accurate and reliable data by which an employee,  and collectively a team,  may increase individual and team engagement.

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