“Your Workittude determines your Altitude!

  because how you experience Work matters.

Of course, we may never fulfill 100% of our purpose at work, however, we can find and engage in the kind of work that helps us grow and flourish.  Work is nourishing to individuals to the extent their personality and purpose align with the work they do. When personality and purpose are intact in the work we do, we have an increased sense of purpose. With an increased sense of purpose we grow, thrive and flourish.


Our Cornerstone Solution – The 

The Workittude? Snapshot is an easy but reliable tool to measure and increase the level of nourishment, and subsequently, the sense of purpose people are experiencing in the workplace.

Your discovery begins with this easy 3-minute statistically reliable survey.

  • The  measures, manages and maximizes personality and purpose to impact employee selection, engagement, development, retention and promotion.
  • The  gives managers insight about themselves and how to create a nourishing environment for others.
  • The   increases employee-ownership of their career and personal development
  • The  measures how well the work we do aligns with the work we are designed, destined and instinctively desiring to do.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”



Customized Leadership Experience Solutions

We customize solutions for employees, teams, managers and executives to help them clarify and cultivate nourishment and purpose within their organization.   Our tools include the Workittude? 90-day Champion Process to support the Workittude? SnapShot Survey, the One Word Discovery Process, the UEngage Talent Engagement, and the Leadership Experience Tool.

Depending on the size, goals and needs of the organization we develop solutions to put easy tools directly into the hands of your managers and employees so you can maintain momentum without a high reliance on an outside group.  We are ready to be as hands-on or hands-off as you desire.


Customized Hiring Solutions – The  Selection Tool

Built upon our premise that purpose is encoded within our personality, our UMatch Selection tool is designed to help you hire individuals whose personality and purpose is best suited for tasks they are required to do at work from the outset.

UMatch may be administered as an online-automated ready to use tool. Or it may be used as a pre-interview assessment. For executive hires, it is designed as   a virtual  in-person interview.   In this case the interview is customized  based on the personality required of the role, the personality of the manager to whom they will report, the critical activities of the role and the values and culture of the organization.

The Bottom Line

 measures, manages and maximizes what drives engagement and personal success—the individual’s personality and purpose.

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